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The EcoWEB Board of Trustees, during its meeting yesterday, welcomed the commitment of the 7 industrialized nations to phase out fossil fuel in their economies by the end of the century.

"It is still a promise but that's a welcome development for a world threatened by devastating impact of climate-change induced disasters," said Atty. Romero Pacilan, the Chair of the Board.

Since its foundation, EcoWEB has been working on projects that addresses climate change both in the short and long-term in partnership with grassroots communities in Mindanao and the Visayas.

"It is but ironic that while the great industrial powers are phasing out fossil fuels in their economy, the Philippines is building coal-fired thermal plants, one of the leading CO2 producer," lamented Ms. Regina S. Antequisa, the Executive Director of EcoWEB and newly appointed Sectoral Representative to the National Anti-Poverty Commission.

"At present there are 3 planned Coal-fired thermal plant to be constructed along the Iligan-Panguil Bay region - in Iligan, Kauswagan and Ozamiz. These plants are potential emitter of CO2 and they are to be built in one Bay region. These could have significant impact to the air, sea-water and land in the region," Ms. Antequisa added.

EcoWEB, through its Board, echoes its call to do our part in reducing carbon emission at the local level. It re-iterates its call to be vigilant and actively work to fight global warming.

"If the G7 commits to save our planet, we could also commit to do our part at the local level. We could do it in our homes, communities and in the streets when needed." the EcoWEB Board declared.