Women speak how to rise from the impact of Haiyan

These women from 3 communities heavily affected by Super Typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan) did share similar issues and concerns as well as hopes and aspirations for the recovery of their families and communities from the impact of the disaster. Livelihoods and shelter were the top two concerns.

Lack of skills training and livelihoods opportunities were common issues of these 3 groups of women in Batug and Alegre, Dulag, Leyte and Caputatan, Medellin in Northern Cebu.

Caputatan which is mainly dependent on sugarcane plantation work showed to be the poorest among the 3 groups giving them only a range of P40-P80 daily income.

Being mainly dependent on coconuts, Batug and Alegre communities were among those heavily affected. A total of 33 million coconuts and a miliion coconut farmers were affected by the Yolanda disaster.

Livelihoods skills training and support for building resilient alternative livelihoods were necessitated during the planning with the women leaders.

EcoWEB in cooperation with the Philippine Social Enterperse Network (PhilSEN) are currently finalizing the value-chain development plan for making social enterprise a strategy for building back better the damaged livelihoods of women, among others. EcoWEB is also currently tapping resources to link the needs and capacities of these women the social enterprise development.


Peace Program 2012/2013


Law is not enough, needs strong leadership and cohesion of community

"Strong tribal and community leadership is the key for the implementation of laws such as of the Indigenous People's Rights Act (IPRA) and other natural resources conservation and management laws," says Datu Mampinuhan of the Dulangan ancestral domain in Opol, Misamis Oriental during the Lessons Learned Workshop of EcoWEB with partners. This was the reaction of Datu Mampinuhan to the narration by Bae Maalingasa of her experience of marginalization in their own tribal community saying,   "We are called land grabbers in our own ancestral domain by the settlers because some of our tribal leaders could just be bribed and not strong enough to stand for our rights. The written certification from the National Commission on Indigenous People (NCIP) about our rightful claim of our ancestral domain that we posted was stoned by the settlers." Bae Maalingasa comes from one of the 7 tribal communities that belong to Dulangan ancestral domain covering more than 20,000 hectares located in Misamis  Oriental.

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To Kind-hearted Yolanda Donors and Earth…


To Kind-hearted Yolanda Donors and Earthquake Survivors

Our Gratitude to Kind-hearted Donors of Yolanda and earthquake survivors In November-December 2013, EcoWEB has able to start its Disaster Response in the Visayas thru the kind support from local and international donors. EcoWEB is thankful that it became an instrument of becoming a bridge between k...

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To All Partners and Donors


Our gratitude for all partners and donors for past 7 years! The last 7 years of EcoWEB has been full of opportunities tapped, challenges overcame, strengths harnessed and weaknesses corrected for the realization of its vision of building "A Peaceful and Progressive Society Living in a Safe Environm...

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